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Jokes for Breakfast in Bangkok

Some of you have been wondering what kind of food I’ve been eating, well here’s one of my morning staples – JOKE!

It’s a rice porridge dish made with pork sausage – and if you don’t tell them otherwise: pork liver, pork intestines and other porky goodness. I also ask for an egg in my dish.

So here it is, wish an tutorial as to how to order two bowls of pork sausage porridge.

How Bangkokians Preserve Their Fish

While exploring the areas nearby my apartment, I came across some ladies selling dried fish on the side of the street.

There’s not much room to do much of anything in Bangkok, so people make do with whatever space they can find. As you can see in the video, the fish is being dried right next to the road.

I personally wouldn’t buy this fish, but I don’t doubt that the fish I’ve already eaten has been dried in a similar manner somewhere else on another street in this city.