Shibuya Cat Cafe – A Must Visit in Tokyo

Even if you’re not a fan of cats, visiting this little cafe in Shibuya is a must for a Tokyo tourist.

Why? Because it’s just so… Japanese.

In a town with very little persona space, interaction with animals is likely very low. So it makes sense that this little 3rd-floor cafe and cat zoo could flourish.

One drawback…. It’s not cheap! not by a longshot. I think Nikki and I spent close to $35 for our visit to the cafe.

For starters, you basically pay for your time with the cats. We had about an hour, if I remember correctly. The price also included 1 drink.

The cafe has a number of toys you can play with, but if you want any food for the cats, you need to buy it. And that might just be the best deal in the place – Because by their reactions, these cats are hungry!

The cats are pretty friendly, but you can’t throw them around. The owner makes a big deal that if you throw the cats around, you’re probably going to get kicked out. We were pretty nice to the cats overall.

Here’s the video!

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