Office Holiday Party Saved by Sticks in Ypsilanti

This year, I’d say you’re extremely lucky if your office had a holiday party … and paid for it! My office canceled its annual party, and so the staff took it upon themselves to gather and have some fun.

We convened on Sticks in Ypsilanti, Michigan, during happy hour :) Pizzas were half off and there was a deal on beers. I was kind of shocked by how many people showed up, and it made for a good time.

Here’s what the place looks like:

I lost a couple games at pool, and then ended up just taking photos of the event. You can see more pics of the holiday party, but you’ll probably be more interested in the magician who showed up!

That’s right! There was magic in the air. In fact, the magician shows up every Friday night, so we weren’t that special. But it was cool to see him trick us. Here’s a video of one of his tricks:

Magic Man Wows MLivers at Sticks in Yspsilanti from shawn smith on Vimeo.

Yup, another successful year in the corporate life. Hope your holiday party was fun too!

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