Eat 20 Bowls of Noodles in Bangkok (Victory Monument) and get a FREE Pepsi

Nikki and I visited a noodle shop in the Victory Monument district of Bangkok – why is this cool?

Because it was a noodle shop with a challenge —- eat 20 bowls and you get a FREE pepsi! can you believe it?!?!!

I didn’t come anywhere close, even though the bowls are pretty small. The noodles are pretty decent and there’s a wide variety of types – I just had the beef and the seafood soups.

Each bowl of noodles costs about 9baht or about $0.33. It’s not a lot of food, but it’s worth it! Just be careful if you’re going to try it… If you’re not accustomed to eating Thai food, you might get a case of diarrhea (I’ve been warned). I came away unscathed and with a full stomach.

  • Justin Dupre

    These noodles are effin amazing. Been over a year since I had them… I think a trip needs to be planned.

  • Shawn Smith

    name the time!