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Carl Rose Wins Thanksgiving Turkey Eating Contest

Congratulations to Carl Rose, who drove all the way from St. Louis to prevail as this Thanksgiving’s winner in the turkey-eating contest. Carl pulled out all the stops by acquiring a drum stick, which he ate with his bare hands!

The contest really turned into a showmanship battle between Rose and Jordan Alvarez, who sadly couldn’t keep up with Rose.

Here’s the video of Carl getting crowned the champion:

There’s a bunch more photos of our football game, the turkey frying as well as how to carve a turkey. (more Thanksgiving photos and videos)

We played Guitar Hero most of the evening and rocked out like crazy. Dr. K. also explained the secret to the perfect cookie salad.

See more photos from Jordan’s flickr

Kyle Gets Registered to Vote at the Ann Arbor Obama Campaign Office

I took my brother recently to the Washtenaw County, Michigan Obama campaign office in Ann Arbor to register to vote. Kyle has never voted in an election before and I urged him to finally accept this glorious civic duty and get registered. Here’s the video of Kyle getting registered: You might be hoping for a better look at the Ann Arbor Obama. Well you’re in luck. Here’s a quick scan of the room:

Shawn Smith and Friends End Summer Poolside

Summer is over. Football fans will take over Ann Arbor weekend starting Labor Day Weekend, which means the Keech Street Rollers and friends needed to send their summer packing with a poolside sendoff.

Check out some Facebook photos from the pool party.

About 14 friends and family gathered at the ‘ol Ann Arbor house, grilling up burgers and dogs and relaxing in the backyard pool.

We played bags (cornhole), ate good food, did cannonballs into the pool and even all took spins on Jonathan’s motorbike. Just good clean fun.

We also got a visit from an Ann Arbor police officer who graciously only gave us a warning on the noise. I can’t blame her. We were playing our speakers fairly loud and were cheering everyone to jump in the pool. Luckily no one called the police again.

The fact that we were enjoying one anothers’ company midday on Sunday probably helped the situation, too.

Hopefully we’ll see you all back for Thanksgiving.

Friends Gather at Juan’s Hacienda for Ed’s Birthday

Woohoo! Ed turns 26-years-old! And we celebrate by enjoying a tasty Mexican meal at Juan’s Hacienda in Madison Heights, Michigan.

The food was alright, but the real show was the waitress setting Ed’s birthday fajitas on fire! I definitely stuff myself. It’s not too pricey and the food isn’t bad. If you’re looking for Mexican dishes before a night on the town in Royal Oak, this might be the place.

We spent the rest of the evening on the roof of Woody’s in Royal Oak. It was a pleasant evening, and a number of friends showed up to celebrate Ed’s birthday.

After the bar closed, we headed to the Coney Island off Woodward and 12, which was a nice spot to end the evening. Ed ended up walking around the restaurant while eating his food. I guess that’s how things go down at 3 a.m. at the Coney.