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Cooking vlog – see what i make in my 2 x 2 kitchen, hooray

its here, finally!

yes, i finally got it done. I’ve spent about 10 hours during the past couple days trying to figure this thing out. I’m a computer genius now, Here is the new Big Food little kitchen.

I saw this idea on the food network, its definately a good thing to do if you have kids and want to get them involved in cooking or you have a gf/bf that’s never seen a stove before.

Without much further adieu…

click this to download

and here’s the side dish

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music for bflk 05 is Francis Lai – A Man And A Woman (Un Homme Et Une Femme) and for the side: dj shadow- mr. magic

big food little kitchen – four times the fun

this means only one thing, the fourth installment of big food little kitchen has been released! so watch it here. i make mushroom/asparagas risotto and homemade fish styx – thats right – rock!

I will be putting up the recipe soon, and skipped a couple steps in the risotto to keep the video short, read the comment to read what you missed

music by nina simone “sinnerman”

click here for video

download the video here

Big Food Little Kitchen – part deux

It’s a whole meal this time!

For the second installment of this little kitchen, aka big food little kitchen, I made a tuna steak topped with a bean/onion/bell peppers mix and a side of roasted rosemary-garlic red potatoes.

two dishes in a row with potatoes of some kind. and i grew up hating them, odd
Watch the video

click to download the video
music is by Madeleine Peyroux – “I’ll be lonesome when you’re gone”