Bangkok Tuk-Tuks – HOLD ON!

Took a quick trip on a tuk-tuk today with Nikki and her father – we we’re handing out wedding invitations to Nikki’s extended family.

If you’ve never ridden a tuk-tuk, this video will give you an idea of what it’s like. My best advice: Keep all your limbs inside the vehicle!

Tuk-Tuks constantly weave through tight traffic and if you’ve got a hand hanging out, you might lose it. You won’t see a whole lot of weaving in this video because traffic was pretty dead today.

Here’s the video!

2 thoughts on “Bangkok Tuk-Tuks – HOLD ON!

  1. I just returned from a falmiy holiday in Sri Lanka yesterday, and the roads are great fun!I met a lovely beach boy who tried (and failed) to teach me how to drive a tuktuk, and I even had a go in one of the mini buses. As it goes, an english driver is no match for the sri lankan roads.To cut a long story short, I have fell in love with this country, and am hopefully returning this summer on my own to do some work! I met some amazing families in a village near Negombo so hopefully will be visiting them on my return. Have a great time!

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